Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello its me I'm going to just summarize what has been going on so far. So far I have told you about my old brothers Soda pop and Darryl. I have also told you about my gang the Greasers and whose all in it. I told you guys about my rival gang the Socs and told you about the time I got jumped... those stupid Socs. I told you guys about me to what I like t do and everything like that, I told you guys about my love for movies and the time I went to the movies and Dally was being an Idiot to these two girls. So me and Johnny had to step in and set him straight. So then After that we watched the movie with the girls and Johnny sat next to the girl he liked out of them.Then we drove them home with two-bits car it was all fun. Then when I got home Darry was freaking out on me for not saying were I was because I came home late and then he hit me when we were arguing. I was so mad that I just ran off and Johnny was with me but as I was laying there in the cold I realized I should just go home and I just won't talk to Darry so that's what I did. That is all I have told you so far in my story and there is more too come.

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